Fully Autonomous Tesla Coming Soon

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced that the electric car maker will soon launch a fully autonomous driving system for customers.

It is worth noting that Tesla recently launched an experimental self-driving system as an option for owners, but despite the name of the system, it does not have Level 5 autonomous capabilities, nor is it completely autonomous, which did not stop Musk from making one of his most ambitious statements about How close is Tesla to unveiling a fully autonomous driving system?

While Musk said after receiving the Axel Springer Award that he is confident in developing a fully autonomous driving system and launching it to Tesla customers next year, while the regulatory landscape will be more complex, he believes some regions around the world will allow fully autonomous driving next year.

It is reported that Elon Musk’s statements are not always certain, as we know that he is sometimes mistaken about the date of revealing his company’s products, and the same applies to the heads of other car companies as well. For example, in the middle of this year, Musk said that his company’s cars will be fully self-driving by the end of 2020, In 2019, he said there would be a million Tesla taxis on the roads by the end of the year, and then there weren't even any, and others.​